Into Shadow, Into Light.

Within the DragonLance fanbase, the topic of “Who’s your favorite character?” always comes up. This always leads to interesting and loving stories. I figured I’d touch a bit on my favorite DragonLance character. It all started with the book called ‘Cataclysm’, a compilation of a bunch of short stories by many different DragonLance authors. This is where I discovered the short story “Into Shadow, Into Light” by Richard A. Knaak. I was already familiar with a few of his works, having read The Legend of Huma and a few other short stories within the realm of Krynn that he composed.

Within this short story, Sir Erik, a Knight of the Rose, receives help from the spirit of Lord Rennard, the Oath-Breaker. Without revealing or spoiling the short story too much, the spirit of Rennard helps Sir Erik with the troubling situation the young Knight was in. It showed that spirits in Krynn, even restless spirits, do have choices and do also seek some sort-of redemption. This story made Lord Rennard, Knight of the Rose, the Oathbreaker, Cleric of Morgion, my favorite DragonLance character throughout the entire series.

Not only did this short story show a glimpse of what happened to Rennard after the events of the Legend of Huma (the third Dragon Wars), but it also shows how long he had been wandering as a spirit. It showed he wanted redemption and it showed he still felt emotions, to the point he did not want Sir Erik to make ill decisions. It’s sad that there’s not much more stories with Rennard in them (alive or dead), but the little information we have on him makes him a bit more mysterious. So many thanks to Richard Knaak for creating this character.

Est Sularus Oth Mithas,
Aaron Dogah


The only world I know of,
Is that which I am in.
It’s dark, twisted, and cold,
Evil spirits dwell within.

This hatred I obscure,
Brings others down with me.
I wish there was a cure.
I wish I could set these spirits free.

The darkness reigns,
There is no remorse.
The dead will rise at dawn,
My spirit remains torn.

The melt down of the core
Brings the fall of mankind.
The expansion of the hoard
Conjures the end of time.

The scent of putrid waste,
Rotting on the streets.
Wastes away my life with haste,
‘Till my bones have no marrow nor meat.

The darkness reigns,
There is no remorse.
The dead will rise at dawn,
My spirit remains torn.

The demons within me break away,
Uprising through my flesh.
Now I wish they had stayed,
‘Cause I’m rotting with the rest.

I’m barren inside, no point in living.
They had taken me away.
My soul is gone and no one’s giving.
Welcome to the End of Days.

The darkness reigns,
There is no remorse.
The dead will rise at dawn,
And my spirit remains torn.

Aaron Dogah


I’ve created this blog to help keep the DragonLance fandom alive. I feel that due to the lack of content within the series over the last few years, fans are slowly losing their love for Krynn and I want to prevent that. I also want to recruit new fans to the books and perhaps start a revival of the series. At the very least, a revival for the love of the series.

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