Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Prelude, Chapters 1 and 2.

I’ve recently acquired the Annotated Chronicles and have decided to reread the Chronicles, but this time, I have annotations to accompany the novels. As I reread the novels, I’ll be going through them and highlighting things that stand out to me. Things that may have appeared small, or great, that I feel should be touched on. Through this journey, I’ll be pointing them out as I go.

Prelude. The Old Man.

Right off the bat, the novel states: She tossed the soapy bar rag into the water pail. I never took strong notice of this until now, but the rag was soapy and there was a water pail nearby, probably filled with soapy water. The thing that I find interesting about this is that the Inn of the Last Home had customers healths in mind. Keeping utensils and the bar itself clean. Perhaps they were hygiene conscious.

In the annotations, Tracy Hickman notes: The heroes’ journey, a classical mythological structure, always has an older person, mentor or prophet, who sets things in motion. This grand old gentleman is part of a tradition that is older than Plato. Personally, I’ve taken note of this, because I’m an inspiring author and an avid Science Fiction and Fantasy reader. I found it true, yet I never noticed beforehand. Thanks, Mr. Hickman.

Looking around the Inn, Fizban notices things: He looked with particular interest at the fireplace, which stood about three-quarters of the way back into the room. The only stonework in the Inn, it was obviously crafted by dwarven hands to appear to be part of the tree, winding naturally through the branches above. I don’t remember if it touches on this later, but it made me wonder if Flint was the one who made the fireplace. I know he was a metalsmith, but I’d imagine he knew SOME stonework. If anyone knows the answer to this, feel free to let me know.

In the same paragraph: A bin next to the side of the firepit was stacked high with cordwood and pine logs brought down from the high mountains. No resident of Solace would consider burning the wood of their own great trees. This really made me feel like they put a lot of forethought into Solace. It really makes it feel like there is so much depth to this town in the trees, even as the words were being written. Solace is still one of my favorite towns that has appeared in any Fantasy novel.

Chapter 1. Old friends meet. A rude interruption.

Thin columns of smoke curled among the treetops, the only sign of the presence of Solace. I pointed this out because I never realized just how well hidden Solace was. I always imaged you could see the houses in the trees from a distance, but apparently you couldn’t. I’ve fooled myself for so many years.

“After one hundred and forty-eight years, I ought to have learned!” – Flint.
“You’ll never learn, dwarf,” a distant voice answered him. “Not if you live to be two hundred and forty-eight!”
Annotation: Dwarves on Krynn live to be 450 years old.
I wanted to point this out because I’ve always assumed Flint was an old Dwarf. Don’t get me wrong, he was old, but not by Dwarven standards. So him dying at 149 years of age, which is quite young for a Dwarf in my opinion, really hits a bit harder. I love Flint. He was always the father figure of the group, I felt. If not the father figure, then the grandfather figure. He also added to the harmony and humor within the group.

Chapter 2. Return to the Inn. A shock. The oath is broken.

Throughout the civilized world, the Inn of the Last Home was known as a traveler’s refuge and center for news. It never occurred to me how popular the Inn of the Last Home was. Don’t get me wrong, the night the companions gathered, the Inn was packed, but it was portrayed that it was due to the fear and suspicion going about Solace, that residents of the town gathered there. Later in chapters to come, we know Goldmoon and Riverwind show up, but I always assumed they were just passing by, not that the Inn was THE place to go.

“My friend!” Caramon’s eyes were wet. He seemed to say more but was overcome by emotion. I love Caramon. He’s my second favorite character in all of DragonLance, but definitely my favorite character among the Companions. This is one of the reasons. He loved his friends, to the point of tears. I really could relate to this character as a youth. Just his introduction, where he bear hugged all his friends for the reunion. Already, a lovable character in my eyes. The adventures in chapters and books to come, turned him quickly into my favorite character among the companions (before him, Rennard the Oath breaker; and after him, Raistlin, his brother).

In the annotations, it’s noted: An early version of the dwarf called him Flint Fieryforge and made him a rather dapper Falstaff-type character. Never knowing this until now, it makes me wonder if Flint’s original appearance went to Dougan Redhammer (The God Reorx’s avatar). I’m glad Flint was a Fireforge, rather than a Fieryforge.

With these notes, I hope you all have enjoyed these few that I posted. I’ll be doing more as I continue reading through the original trilogy of the Chronicles. Please continue to come back and check on any new posts I make in the future. I’ll try and be more active on Twitter, and I ALWAYS post announcements on Twitter whenever I do make a new entry on the website.

Est Sularus oth Mithas,
Aaron Dogah

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